Goodhabitz: International Expansion With A Minimal Time To Hire

This is the story of GoodHabitz, a fast growing e-learning company, that found the solution for their difficulties in attracting international applicants in recruitment marketing. As they were continually in need of recruiting translators, sales professionals, educational experts and training developers (both at home and abroad), GoodHabitz started to realise that solely posting a vacancy on their website would not be enough to attract all those international candidates.

Let’s see what Robert Geerken, HR Manager at GoodHabitz says about 1) the recurring recruitment challenges he used to run into, 2) the actions he administered with the help of experts from VONQ, and 3) the results he witnessed soon after implementing the necessary changes.  

The Challenge: Recruiting In Times Of International Expansion

GoodHabitz’ team, consisting of around 80 employees, has recently begun to expand internationally with three newly-opened offices in Germany, London and Paris. Due to this quick exponential growth, GoodHabitz found themselves in urgent need of local translation professionals for translating their rich library of online training courses and tutorials. While facing this new challenge, GoodHabitz soon noticed that only posting a vacancy on their website was not enough:

When we were relying solely on the careers page on our website, we used to receive only few reactions to our vacancies. I then realised that unless we have a holistic online recruitment campaign, we would not be able to solve our talent shortage issues.”

Robert further explains that there are two main reasons to approach VONQ for helping out GoodHabitz with the recruitment challenges they were facing, those being 1) that he himself is a firm believer in recruitment marketing; and 2) the fact that VONQ offers solutions with international scope.

“Nowadays, candidates are looking online – via social media and other media platforms. That is why it was important (as well as challenging) to figure out which are the online media channels that translators are best to target on.”, Robert adds.

The Solution: A Mix Of The Best Media Channels To Target Translators

Here is how GoodHabitz describes their experience on solving the challenge together with VONQ:

One of the major benefits of working with VONQ is that they look at historical data of numerous campaigns for similar vacancies and based on that draw conclusions what would be the most successful channels for a certain vacancy. In most cases an advice consists of a mix between generic job boards (i.e. Monsterboard), but next to that we usually also get a tailored advice on the most suitable niche job boards to use. In our case this was the key to success, as translators are most active on niche channels. It would have taken me too much time if I had to figure this out for myself.”.

As a result, we now have a campaign for a freelance translator and the majority of reactions we are getting so far are a great fit for the position. That’s how we know that we’ve chosen the best channels to target our desired audience!”, GoodHabitz HR Manager explains.

The Outcome: 1) Shorter Time To Hire And 2) The Right Media Mix Know-how

GoodHabitz have been using VONQs Job Marketing for 3 months now and, especially in combination with the advice provided by one of VONQ’s consultants, Robert now starts noticing the positive results:

“Job Marketing provides you with solid recommendation on the most suitable media channels to use. What’s even greater is that there’s always a recruitment marketing expert by your side in case you have questions. What I also find very useful about the Job Marketing is that it helps you discover new media channels, which are relevant for your desired audience. The platform is full of relevant information on media channels and how to build the right media mix.

As another major advantage from utilising the Job Marketing, Robert ranks the its saving time benefit: “I do not have the time to create a separate account on every recruitment channel and to do one on one business with all these channels. By utilising VONQs Job Marketing I have one central place from which I can manage all my vacancies and purchase media, while having one person as a central point of contact. All that certainly affects our Time to Hire in a positive way!

“I now notice the huge advantage of working with a recruitment marketing partner who has specialised knowledge and scope at an international level.” concludes Robert.

About GoodHabitz

GoodHabitz is a fast growing e-learning company that offers a wide variety of online training courses: From Microsoft Office to Strategic Thinking and from Cold Acquisition to Optimism for Beginners. They now have about 1 million students in the Netherlands and a library of 110 online training courses.

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