Channel Chats - CV Library and its outstanding customer service

From time to time, we talk to one of our channel suppliers. Who are they and why should you advertise there? For this edition, we spoke to Jack Chambers, Partner Manager at CV Library.

What kind of candidates can be reached through your channel?

As a generalist job board, we have a huge range of candidate CVs in our database, though some of our top performing sectors include retail, administration and customer service. The vast majority of our candidates are in the early stages of their careers, though we’re very focused on attracting more experienced talent to our site. In fact, we’ve seen the percentage of new candidates earning £30k+ jump up significantly in the past six months.

What sets you apart from others in your field?

A key factor that makes us stand out from other providers in the market is the outstanding customer service that we provide to our clients. Our proactive approach is hugely appreciated, with 95% rating our service as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ in our annual customer satisfaction poll. This is the fifth year running that we’ve achieved a rating of 95% or above and our Trustpilot rating is also far higher than any of our competitors.

What developments can we expect from your channel?

We’re committed to driving more candidates to our site, increasing CV registrations and applications and ensuring a fantastic user experience. In order to achieve this, we’ve been working on a number of exciting developments, including: a machine learning project to improve job matches and boost applications, a new CV Search Builder tool which makes it easier for clients to find quality candidates and a Quick Apply option where candidates can apply for jobs without a CV.

Antoniya Kamenova
Content Marketeer at VONQ