Three Ways to Boost your Sourcing Results with Job Marketing and Employer Branding

Best Practices for your Recruitment Mix

You see them a lot. I speak to them on a daily basis. I refer to all the recruiters in my own network, who want to put all their apples in one basket – sourcing – and wouldn’t even consider including job marketing and employer branding in their recruitment mix.

My experience, after working as a recruiter for eight years, is that both job marketing and employer branding have numerous advantages that are often overlooked. In this blog I will tell you about the three ways how job marketing and employer branding can boost your sourcing efforts, and in particular: 1) it improves applicants conversion of your sourcing efforts; 2) reduces your Time-To-Hire (TTH); and 3) makes the overall candidate experience complete.

There’s no doubt that sourcing is an indispensable part of every successful recruitment strategy, but it can be done even smarter! By boosting it with job marketing and employer branding. Let’s see how:

Three ways how job marketing and employer branding can boost your sourcing

  1. Improves applicants conversion

A strong employer brand and job marketing compliment each other. Before deciding if to apply for a job, either already familiar with or completely unaware of your company, the first thing potential candidates do is to look you up online. Just look at these numbers! 75% of job seekers start their search on Google (CareerBuilder), 62% of the candidates first do research on Social Media, and 4 out of 5 candidates we speak with here at VONQ through sourcing have already seen an ad or a job post by us.

In any case, it is important that you make it possible for your target group to identify with the corporate culture and that you trigger them to engage in a follow-up conversation. This way you greatly increase your chances of having potential candidates interested in your company, and so higher applicants conversion rate.

  1. Reduces your Time-To-Hire (TTH)

Let’s be honest here. How often do we approach potential candidates who are not interested in new job opportunities because they’re totally happy with their current employer? Take a deep breath, sit down and wait for a few more years because your potential star isn’t going anywhere. I mean it. Now imagine that they’re already familiar with your employer brand and the benefits before you even get in touch with them? And the idea of a career switch has already crossed their mind. So, you can now skip the intro and waste no more time on waiting, right!   

  1. Makes your candidate experience complete

Creating multiple online touchpoints (moments when your employer brand and/ or jobs are seen by potential candidates) not only makes your approach more personal and credible, but it also makes the online candidate experience more complete. The fact that potential candidates have become acquainted step-by-step with you as an employer online, makes your candidates’ decision to get in touch with you feel like the logical step forward.

What's Next?

Now that you are aware of the ways that job marketing and employer branding can boost your sourcing efforts, it’s time to put the knowledge into practice, right?

Not sure where to start? Or simply feel eager to have a chat with an expert first?

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