Did you know you can advertise your jobs on Spotify, Business Insider and Tinder?

It's about time you start thinking beyond job boards!

The era of finding qualified candidates solely on job boards is over. Yes. And the reason is clear.

Only 20% of talent nowadays is actively looking for a job, meaning that they are active on job boards. The rest 80% are the so called passive candidates: not actively looking for a job, yet open for new opportunities. So, the question is: How to capture the attention of all those passive candidates out there? The short answer? By figuring out where they spend their time online and respectively targeting them via their preferred media channels: from niche sites (e.g. RigZone) and social media channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook), through online hubs & communities (e.g. GitHub) and Ad networks (e.g. Google), all the way to e-commerce & news sites (e.g. Business Insider) and even apps (e.g. Tinder, Spotify).

Online, mobile, offline… the once clear line between these media segmentations is long gone… Newspapers published their news online and apps and online channels are experimenting with print, payment walls and different kind of content like video. What flourished is a colourful area of cross-media advertising possibilities with an increasing number of generic and niche channels.

Talent is online all the time. Yes, but where exactly?

The dominance of Facebook and Google has been rapidly increasing for some time now. On a local and more targeted level, however, the rules of the game are entirely different. There it is all about addressing specific audiences, depending on their interests and characteristics. Along with that, the professionalism of online magazines and niche news websites has been on the rise, too.

Mequoda recently released their 2018 Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study, where we find out that 40% of the 3,358 people they surveyed claim to have read an average of 2.66 digital magazine issues over the last 30 days, compared to 41% in 2016, when that was an average of 2.59 issues. This represents an 11% increase in issues read, 2% increase in penetration, 6% increase in adults with internet access and 8% increase in people reading digital magazines. From these reports, we see that without a doubt advertising your jobs on these channels will easily pay off by helping you to reach your desired audiences, who are active on these channels.

Don’t be disruptive. Be strategic.

Every target group has its own personal and professional interests. I personally visit the Product Hunt and Medium on a daily basis. Our CTO, Bart van de Garde, frequently visits Stack Overflow, and the co-founder of VONQ, Tycho van Paassen, tends to visit Techcrunch and Angellist to check for newly-funded companies which we can help with finding new staff. So, the lesson here is clear — you need to advertise your jobs where your audience spends their time online, because this way you have a much greater chance of your jobs being seen by the right audience. Basically, a win-win situation, isn’t it!

VONQ’s job marketing platform has all the channels you’d need, at your fingertips

With 2500 channels, available at our job marketing platform, we have a large portion of the best performing channels worldwide, and we are adding numerous new ones to those channels every month.

15% of the channels in our job marketing platform are generic job boards, like Stepstone, Indeed and Linkedin, social media channels like Facebook, and Ad networks like Google. The other 85% focus on a specific candidate group, like Angelist, reddit, Efinancialcareers and Stackoverflow. With more small, but professional brands for particular target groups on the rise we are enabling them in the same pace in our platform.

So, do we really have them all. It would be impossible to get them all in, and knowing some websites don’t perform it wouldn’t even be wise to do so. But with 2500 channels world wide we have a large portion of the best performing channels worldwide and we are adding numerous new ones to those every month.

So, with our platform you get access to all the channels you’d need to target both active and passive candidates worldwide! All that in one place and already pre-contracted, and we also do the media distribution for you.

Curious to take a look around our job marketing platform for free? Our experts are here to help!

Wouter Goedhart
Co-founder & CEO at VONQ