Recruitment Marketing fundamentals

Why care about recruitment marketing and how to get started

It is no secret that Recruitment Marketing Fundamentals has been redefining the recruitment landscape for some time now. It goes beyond simply finding the right talent for your current job opening. Instead, it also focuses on activating your employer brand to help you target qualified candidates, faster and for less. So, let’s look at the fundamentals that can help us become a Recruitment Marketing pro in no time.

Why care about Recruitment Marketing?

According to a Gartner Customer 360 Summit study, 86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming a lot like marketing. In today’s world of internet’s infinite possibilities, candidates have more power than ever to make a well-informed choice on their next career step. For recruiters that means that they need to focus their efforts on targeting the right talent in the best possible way:

Recruitment Marketing is extremely important in the process of finding and targeting the correct talent. Companies tend not to invest enough in this part of the recruitment process

Amanda Whelan Talent Acquisition Manager @ MLL Telecom

How to become a recruitment marketing pro?

Now, that we’ve seen why Recruitment Marketing is an essential part of the recruitment mix today, let’s look at the three steps to getting started (or advancing) with your recruitment marketing strategy:

  • Step 1: Define Clear Objectives

In Recruitment Marketing there’s no 1-size-fits-all solution. While most recruitment techniques focus on the single goal of finding your next great hire within a short period of time, Recruitment Marketing can also help you reach your more complex recruitment goals (e.g. strengthen your employer brand).

Depending on the complexity of your recruitment challenge, Recruitment Marketing can help you on several levels:

A.Organisational level

Increase preference for your company as an employer of choice.

B. Target group level

Increase awareness within a specific target group.

C. Job level

Get a higher number. of qualified applicants.

  • Step 2: Build A Robust Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve defined clear objectives, you can start building your recruitment marketing campaign. This means that, thanks to the various recruitment marketing techniques, you can outline how to nurture your candidates in the best possible way – all the way from a potential candidate to a qualified applicant.

Depending on your main recruitment objectives, there will be various recruitment marketing techniques helping you along the way. Here, we will look at the entire journey of nurturing a potential candidate into an applicant, or the so called ideal customer journey:

1: Create awareness

2: Build interest

3: Encourage consideration

4: Drive conversion (application)

  • Step 3: Measure Success

After you define clear objectives (see Step 1), build a robust recruitment marketing strategy (Step 2) and initiate its implementation, you need to start analysing the outcomes on a regular basis and optimise as necessary.

Antoniya Kamenova
Content Marketeer at VONQ