How Nature's Pride reduced their cost per hire by more than 80%

Nature’s Pride in Maasdijk (The Netherlands) is a supplier of over 500 unique fruits and vegetables from over 70 countries and is considered one of the most innovative companies in the industry. In the recent years, Nature’s Pride has been growing very rapidly and the demand for new hires has therefore grown incrementally. We spoke to Carolien Molenaar, Recruiter at Nature’s Pride and Michelle Tanis, Online Marketing at Nature’s Pride, and asked them about the recruitment challenges they were facing and how VONQ helped them in solving these with the Job Marketing Platform. According to Caroline, the main added value of using the platform is the efficiency it adds to the recruitment process: “Being able to manage it all from one account, along with reducing the time-to-hire and cost per hire are some of the great benefits of using VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform.”.

"Now that the company is growing so rapidly, we want to make sure that we’ll have the capacity to attract talent on our own."

For various functions within Nature’s Pride portfolio, soft skills, such as proactiveness and entrepreneurship, are more important than some certified qualifications. This makes it very difficult to implement a well-targeted campaign. The market is very competitive and talents in the industry is very scarce. This is especially valid for the four groups Nature’s Pride focuses on: purchasing, sales, production planning and logistics. Caroline further explains that the recruitment approach of Nature’s Pride was previously quite old-fashioned: “We used to work together with recruitment agencies, but there was not enough focus on recruitment. When you want to do in house recruitment you really need to dedicate extra focus to it if you want to do it the right way.” This was the case up until 9 months ago, when the Recruitment Manager Erik Molendijk started working at the company. The first thing he did was to assemble a dedicated team of recruiters. He wa therefore the first one to prove the importance of having recruitment practices at place internally at the organization. Carolien adds: “This was definitely the right thing to do as we are growing fast and we are in need of recruiting a large number of new colleagues each year. We had to do something and that’s why we asked ourselves: Who are we looking for exactly? And why? Critical questions you need to ask yourself if you want to be a good recruiter. The next step is for you to make sure that you reach the desired audience in an effective way; in other words, to use the philosophy of VONQ: We want to make sure that we have the capacity internally to face the growing needs of the company for attracting talent.

In order to achieve this, Nature’s Pride had to make a drastic changes in its recruitment strategy. A decision to start relying on the company’s internal recruitment capacity and terminate the work with recruitment agencies was taken first. The following steps towards improving the internal recruitment processes were taken: The website was optimized; a new ATS system was implemented; a coupe of highly capable recruiters were added to the team; with the help of VONQ clear guidelines for writing attractive and structured job ads were introduced, along with online marketing practices aiming to boost the target group recruitment efforts of the company.

"We are now capable of measuring the results on our own."

Nature’s Pride has ongoing recruitment needs. For that reason, using job marketing is highly recommended. Michelle Tanis explains that they use online target group campaign on various online channels to reinforce job marketing: “We are putting a lot of effort into boosting our employer brand even further: we write articles and we distribute these on niche channels; we set Google campaigns; we are using the full potential of social media; and we are also engaging in remarketing. Because we combined Google Analytics in another reporting tool together with our new ATS, we are now capable of measuring both the quantity and the quality of applicants coming from the different channels and target group campaigns. Based on these insights we are able to optimize our target group strategy, so we can extend the reach and outcomes that results in getting rapidly good applications as we distribute a vacancy online.”

The added value of VONQ and the Job Marketing Platform

Michelle Tanis further adds: “We started focusing on target group marketing and employer branding, just like VONQ recommended. In addition, based on another advice by VONQ, we give pay special attention to creating the text for the job ads. For this, we have relied on VONQ’s expertise on creating attractive job ad copy and structure. Their advice was for applying modern and clean writing style and this resulted very successful in our rather traditional industry and aligns very well with our overall marketing efforts.”.

"Being able to manage all your job ads from a single account saves you a great amount of time!

“Carolien emphasizes on the added value of the Job Marketing Platform when it comes to reducing the time to hire: “For ad hoc vacancies our recruiters use VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform. The greatest thing about the platform is that you have access to more than 2000 channels, so that based on the specific job ad requirements you can always find the most relevant channel to distribute on. Then, you can place an order with just a few clicks. So basically you manage all your job ads from a single account. This is extremely efficient and saves you a great amount of time! Another advantage is that you work with one supplier only, which ensures that your job ads will be up and running very quickly.”

The strategic use of media for targeting a specific group

The Job Marketing Platform makes recommendations based on data, derived from existing campaign results. Based on the data, one gets suggestions on the best channels to use per job ad. Carolien agrees that this is a great advantage: “At VONQ you use very specific media and you don’t need a separate contract per media channel.” This is of great benefit as there is no other way for you to know in advance how many job ads you need to distribute or on which online media channels your job ad would perform best.

It’s a win-win!

VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform helps with yet another one of your key metrics: cost per hire. Caroline explains: “Our cost per hire dropped considerably in the past 6 months: to less than 1,000 euros.”. Compared to the average cost per hire, which is 3681 euro, this is indeed a great result. Caroline continues: “When you work with a recruitment agency, with small differences depending on the job, you need to invest around 6,000 euros. This number can easily increase above 20,000 euros depending on the type of job opening to be filled. The additional benefit is that now we are fully in control of the recruitment process along with working towards improving our employer brand. As you can see, it’s a real win-win situation!

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Marieke Rodenrijs
Campaign Manager at VONQ