How Millennials look for jobs

The new generation of job seekers explore the labor market differently than older generations do. Younger people adapt more quickly to change and are more innovative and this translates to the way they look for work and apply for jobs.

Online recruiting increasingly popular with millennials

According to the World of Work research by Monsterboard, millennials mainly look for jobs online. The research was conducted in June 2016 under 4114 millennials across Europe. 70% of the respondents think they know where to look for work online, while 25% doesn’t. Millennials mainly look for jobs using the following options:

  • Job Boards (65%)
  • Company websites (44%)
  • Social media channels for professionals and businesses, like LinkedIn and Glassdoor (31%)
  • Directly contacting employers (32%)
  • Online Search Engines (31%)
  • Printed Media (24%)

Adding to those statistics, it turns out 50% of the millennials know exactly what kind of job they are looking for when searching for a job and 60% of them are confident they are going to find it eventually.

Millennials get found

It also often happens the other way around, in the sense that younger people are offered jobs directly. The World of Work research shows that 40% of the respondents are approached by a company recruiter or recruitment agency 1 to 5 times each year. Both often offering jobs in industries that the millennials are already working in. While one-third of the respondents stated that they would look for a totally different company, or even industry, when switching jobs.

Yet, not all younger people have it easy: especially people in their twenties mostly work on temporary short-term contracts. Unemployment within this demographic had dropped since the financial crisis, but employees that graduated during those years often settle for lower compensation.

Millennials get (professional) support

Compared to older generations, millennials often ask for support from career coaches and previous colleagues. 30% also state that their parents have had a prominent influence on their careers, or on their lives in general, while only 14% state to have consulted with their parents on how to apply for a job.

Here are the top 8 types of people whom millennials consult with when applying for jobs:

  • Professional career coaches (35%)
  • Previous colleagues (27%)
  • Recruitment consultants (26%)
  • Partner/spouse (24%
  • Current colleagues (22%)
  • Close friends (19%)
  • Parents (14%)
  • Teachers (8%)

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Rinske Lichtendahl
Online Marketeer at VONQ