How many applicants will my Job Marketing campaign generate? - The magical answer!

In our newsletter you got to meet our awesome colleague Dennis who, as we do too, often receives the question by our customers how many applicants their job marketing campaign will generate. As Dennis mentioned: “This is difficult to answer, because there are many different factors at play.“ And in this blog, we have an answer to this ongoing question!

The magical answer: it’s all in your power

The question about your new campaign shouldn’t be “How many applicants will we generate?”, but it should be “How can we generate as many qualitative applicants as possible?” And are you sitting down for the answer? Because the magical answer is: it is up to you! 

Creating a successful campaign depends on many different factors, many in which you can make a difference! And we wouldn’t be VONQ if we didn’t have some tips and tricks you can immediately apply to your job descriptions and candidate journeys.

Did you know..

Your employer brand plays a big part in the decision to apply? 

  • Our tip: Is your target group not familiar with you (yet) as an awesome employer or do you have trouble competing with big brands? Display all your best features on what makes you a unique employer in your job description. Standing out in the crowd and distinguishing yourself from (bigger) competitors can boost your number of applicants. 

Did you know..

The number of applicants you receive can be related to the target audience you are looking for?

  • Our tip: Some target audiences are more scarce than others. While receiving 25 applicants for a commercial position is a great result, so is receiving 3 applicants for that specific developer job! This is why it is important to do some target group research or have a second critical look at your requirements. By being aware of your target audience and how many are competing for the same ideal candidate, you can avoid some serious let downs.

Learn more from BMW’s experiences!

Did you know..

Even the most enthusiastic potential candidate can drop out because of your application process?

  • Our tip: When you look for your ideal holiday, would you try finding it clicking through multiple pages with hundreds of destinations, filling out all sorts of questionnaires, or creating an account in order to book it? Our bet is you wouldn’t, and neither would your candidate if they had to do the same applying for your job. A smooth efficient application process and a positive candidate journey reduce the possibility of your candidate discontinuing their application.

Ready to take the reigns and get the most result out of your Job Marketing campaign?

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Sanne van Poortvliet