Closer Than Ever To Reaching Our Dream - To Be The Global Gateway To Attract The Right Applicants

Let’s face it, some dreams come true almost just like that. Others, though, take time. And energy. And someone else to share and support that dream.

Here at VONQ we share the same dream we were born from 13 years ago – to be the global gateway for hiring teams to attract the right applicants. Today, we do that with an advanced recruitment marketing technology that makes the recruiting process easy and effective. We rely on data and we make sure hiring teams do so too. 

We’re burning to share with you

Throughout the years, we’ve been consistent in following our dream. That’s why all of us VONQies are proud and eager to get others on board of that dream too. The proof? Well, not to brag, but we are truly happy and excited to share the news with you:

Here at VONQ we have just secured a significant investment to further fuel our growth, by capital D, a pan-European private equity fund. What made capital D get on board of our dream? Let’s hear it straight from capital D’s co-founder Jean-Marc Jabre:

“Our focus is on business models that transform industries. VONQ and its leadership team have created an outstanding platform in HR Tech.  We see the opportunity in VONQ to become a platform that redefines and resets recruiting for enterprise clients and we look forward to partnering with them.”

Jean-Marc Jabre Co-founder capital D

With this investment from capital D we are able to boost our growth and roll out our exciting plans for the future. Or as our CEO and Co-founder, Wouter Goedhart, puts it:

“We see this as a great opportunity to continue empowering hiring teams to attract the right applicants. We look forward to working with capital D to continue building our position as the global gateway to attract applicants.”

Wouter Goedhart CEO and Co-founder VONQ

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What’s next

We believe you already know what we live for – handing you, dear recruiter, the tools you need in order to be recognised as the hero that you already are. How we do that? With the help of our easy and effective recruitment marketing technology, fueled by plenty of job performance data and offering rich insights to easily steer on your success. To take a seat at the decision-making table. To prove your value to the business. We told you – to be the hero that you already are!

capital D and VONQ - CEO's
VONQ and capital D board - photo by Joost de Zwart Fotografie
Antoniya Kamenova
Content Marketeer at VONQ