Channel Chats - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

From time to time, we talk to one of our channel suppliers. Who are they and why should you advertise there? For this edition, we spoke to Ilia Rodriguez, Advertising Sales Account Manager at ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).

Which kinds of candidates can be reached through your channel?

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society.  ACM has one of the most powerful audiences in the IT space – from Researchers, to Senior Software/IT Managers to C-Level management, CIOs, CTOs, to Software Architects, Developers, Project Leaders (within industry, government, and academia).

The ACM Career and Job Center provides an outlet for employers to promote their job openings, enhance their faculty and research lab staff and recruit graduate student members eager to enter today’s global job market. 

What sets you apart from others in your field?

ACM’s focus is niche, and as such, our audience is an elite group of highly qualified software, hardware and IT professionals at companies and research institutions in both established and emerging areas of industry.  For over 70 years, ACM has been the place where the best minds in computing have come to meet, share ideas, publish their work, and advance computer technology.

ACM presents the ACM A.M. Turing Award each year…the Turing Award is one of the highest honors in computer science, honoring computer scientists and engineers who created the systems and underlying theoretical foundations that shape today’s information technology industry. The Turing Award is widely thought of as the “Nobel Prize in Computing.”

ACM provides its members with resources for lifelong learning and professional development, while the ACM Career and Job Center enables employers to recruit top technology talent, both active and passive job seekers.

What are some developments we expect from your channel?

The ACM Career and Job Center is continually updating its software to make it easier for job seekers to search and apply for jobs.  Enabling job seekers to set up job search alerts to receive notifications when new jobs match their search criteria is a beneficial feature of our site.  The ease of saving a job listing to view or apply to at a later date is also a favorite feature among our registered job seekers. As we continue to hear from our users, we expect to make improvements to our software, product offerings and services in the future.

Lenia Mavrikis