Ahold and the battle of the graduates

In the battle between employers to attract young professionals, it is important that you stand out of the crowd. How do you ensure that the top graduates put your company on their short list of most desirable company to work for?

Campus recruitment is one solution, but it’s very expensive and time consuming. A well thought content marketing strategy is a very effective way to get the attention of your the target group and to share your voice. Sharing your voice goes far beyond the sharing of existing jobs, internships and opportunities at your company; it’s about sharing content which matters to your audience.

AHOLD’s graduate program
AHOLD, one of the largest retailer with more than 225,000 employees, headquartered in the Netherlands, runs a graduate recruitment program twice a year to recruit Europe’s best academic candidates for their trainee program. VONQ is instrumental in AHOLD’s campaign and helps AHOLD to create awareness and drive interest within their target group.

Content marketing
By sharing relevant content AHOLD Europe is able to get the attention of the graduates. By linking the content back to the career site the graduates will be driven to the main career page. On this (landing) page they’ll find more information about the program and AHOLD and they get the opportunity to apply directly.

How to reach your target audience?
One of the biggest challenges for companies is to find and reach their target audience. For AHOLD’s latest international graduate recruitment campaign we introduced something new. We helped AHOLD to promote their key messages and content within their target audience. We took AHOLD’s Facebook messages and published these as advertisement on the timeline of the target group, based on interest, age, education and region. We created 3 different postings out of the interviews with former AHOLD trainees on the AHOLD Facebook page and spread these among the target group. Within a very short period of time we were able to increase the impact of the recruitment campaign tremendously.

In total this has led to 1121 clicks (of which 404 clicks in social context, such as Facebook and LinkedIn) In addition, the campaign generated 558 actions, which have yielded ‘good virality’ by Facebook. These actions include: likes, comments and sharing. As a result of the success of this campaign, the Facebook stories are now a regular feature in all of AHOLD’s graduate recruitment campaigns.

Ralph Brasker
Chief Marketing Officer at VONQ