2017 - what a rollercoaster for VONQ that was!

Every year in the second week of January we have our annual All-Company-meeting in Rotterdam, to look back and celebrate previous year and look forward on the new one, while enjoying some good food and drinks. Instead of preparing a speech, this time I let the teams present their great work and for a difference it occured to me to share a blogpost.

Looking at 2017 we started with a team of 60 and grew to 100+ by the end of the year, while still working closely together as a great team. A good culture with Autonomous working and a DO-er mentality made us grow and perform together. This resulted in great performance, awesome side projects and funny team charity moments where also the new team members participated. This is what I’d like to wish to all businesses in 2018! How we got the new team members in? Sourcing? Yes. Referrals? Of course. Recruitment agencies? At times. Our own Job Marketing Platform? Most certainly!

Once again, our most valuable asset proved to be the people who work at VONQ. The people at VONQ, the VONQ’ers, the recruitment marketing experts… all the brave, determined and savvy talent spread across our four European offices. Today, we celebrate them, we celebrate our collective genius! Because we all know that talent comes first. And products and services, campaigns and processes would not exist without talent.

All that talent at VONQ made it possible in 2017 to

  • Empower a record number of 1100 customers;
  • Realise 7000 smart recruitment marketing campaigns, more than any year before;
  • To make smart decisions by measuring a humongous number of data points (close to 5 mio job openings and over 500k of applicants).

We always aim to empower our clients. And so we did in 2017!

Despite the current difficulties within the recruitment market due to the economic growth in Europe, we were able to deliver a steady average cost per applicant of € 53,-. We were also happy to see an exponential growth in German customers relying on us for their job marketing campaigns. So proud to witness an 80% fill rate with all the campaigns we ran. The numbers speak for themselves indeed.

In 2017 we also managed to deliver the required European PhD-level candidates for as little as € 28,- per applicant (70k investment, 2495 applicants in 8 weeks time, Wow!) more on that in a next blog post 🙂

2017 was good to VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform
Our Job Marketing Platform now enjoys a new look and feel, an even more robust recommendations engine and tons of campaign tips & tricks for you to benefit from.

All these will empower you to be the savvy recruiter that you deserve to be on the kickstart of 2018. And since we’ve been asked to give you even more timely product updates and share customer success stories, you can expect more of those in 2018!

Looking ahead to a great 2018!
We are expanding our international market leadership, allowing recruiters to target talent in even more countries. With an ever-growing team in Germany and laying the foundations of great new opportunities in the UK, we are well on strengthening our international presence.

Plenty of new product features, numerous new european media channels in our portfolio, an ever-increasing set of campaign data… so much to look forward to in 2018!

I have and always will believe in predictive data. It is the key for recruiters who want to make brave decisions, yet backed up by solid facts and figures (not gut feeling!). In 2018, VONQ will continue showing by example that smart data is the key to targeting the right talent. Looking forward to getting on board on this journey!
In 2018 we’ll continue helping recruiters to target the right talent, reduce the cost per hire, shorten the average time to hire and above all increase the quality of your hires.

How? By allowing you to make upfront ROI predictions, select the best media channels for your desired audience, empowering you to become a savvier recruiter relying on predictive data… All that with one single shared goal: To help you Target the Right Talent! Today and tomorrow. Worldwide! Let’s enjoy the ride!

Kind regards

Wouter Goedhart
Co-founder & CEO at VONQ