BNP Paribas: Using data-driven ad placement to drive digital recruiting transformation in banking

BNP Paribas
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BNP Paribas is the leading bank in the European Union and a major player in international banking. It has more than 193,000 employees in 65 countries, including nearly 148,000 in Europe. In Germany, the BNP Paribas Group has been active since 1947 and has successfully positioned itself in the market with twelve business units. Private, corporate, and institutional clients are served by around 6,000 employees nationwide in all relevant economic regions. 

The company has a regular need for diverse talent. With VONQ as a strategic partner, BNP Paribas has been reaching the right candidates for all vacancies in a targeted manner and in the shortest possible time since 2019. 

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The challenges

Increase online presence and reach the desired target audience

BNP Paribas is constantly evolving. This means more and more new jobs are being created internally, which need to be filled with suitable candidates, not only from banking and finance. “In principle, we only advertise our jobs online. Time is an important factor for us here. That’s why we were looking for a solution that would allow us to speed up the job posting process, increase the efficiency of ad placement, and increase the reach and visibility of our ads to the desired target audience.”- Sina Drescher, Recruiter & HR Marketing Specialist at BNP Paribas.

Central coordination and control of recruiting processes

In the past, each HR team had posted job ads singularly and bought media individually. However, requesting and ordering job ads from each vendor was not only time-consuming but also made it difficult to monitor and evaluate media performance. 

To optimize this strategy, BNP Paribas needed a solution to centrally coordinate all recruiting activities and manage media buying through one system. 

“We wanted to consolidate recruiting activities even further. The best way to do that is if the recruiting units can access a common system that not only simplifies the posting of ads but also the buying of media, thereby reducing our expenses.” – Marc Stammer, Head of Recruiting, Internal Mobility & HR Marketing Germany & Austria

Success control and optimization

‘Post and pray’ has long been outdated in the recruitment industry. Only with transparent insights into the performance per medium is it possible for BNP Paribas to measure the success of advertisements transparently measurable and to draw logical conclusions for further advertisements. Therefore, the company was looking for an analytics solution that would make it possible to monitor media performance and optimize the process in this regard, reducing costs and time.

The solution

Data-based ad placement and access to +5000 media channels

With VONQ's Job Marketing, BNP Paribas today has access to the largest media portfolio worldwide with more than 5000 channels. Job boards are selected based on performance data collected from over 500,000 job ads already placed. As a result, only job boards, niche sites, social and Google products that actually reach the target audience are recommended. All media channels in the portfolio have already been pre-contracted and are available to BNP Paribas without restriction.

Transparent performance insights per advertisement and medium

With VONQ, BNP Paribas today has continuous insight into the performance of all media channels used per advertisement. "Measuring success is very important to us. With VONQ, it is clear to see which channels we use to achieve the most clicks. This helps us to further optimize our advertisements and media selection and to invest only in the channels with which we actually reach candidates." - Marc Stammer, Head of Recruiting, Internal Mobility & HR Marketing Germany & Austria

Focus on speed: Automatic import of job ads into Job Marketing

Relevant target group data per job ad is automatically transferred from the career site to the Job Marketing software with VONQ's Career Site Connector. This eliminates the manual effort involved in creating and ordering each job posting. Another benefit is that the integration also eliminates sources of error. "With the easy integration of our career site with VONQ's technology, we can now post job ads even faster, saving time per posting!" - Sina Drescher, Recruiter & HR Marketing Specialist at BNP Paribas

Flexibility, service and expert advice

"The consulting that VONQ offers is an absolute plus! A job posting tool is only half as valuable if it is not accompanied by a team of experts and quality service. With VONQ, we get both." - Marc Stammer, Head of Recruiting, Internal Mobility & HR Marketing Germany & Austria Today, BNP Paribas is continuously able to combine media flexibly for each new job posting based on data and accumulated experience.

Performance insights in the Performance Dashboard:
intuitive, transparent, and in real time

For the position of Business Intelligence Developer (m/f/d), the company also achieved 192 clicks to the job ad, with 109 clicks generated via alone. 

Using a mix of social media, Google, and job boards, BNP Paribas received 194 clicks to the job ad on its careers page for the position of Sales Manager (m/f/d) Claas Financial Services.


1.227 campaigns booked in one year

The successes from 2021 at a glance


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Clicks via social media and Google Ads


Clicks via job boards, niches, and search engines


Time savings with job marketing compared to direct placement

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